MASH Gargano is a small camp and fully reflects its name

MASH Gargano, the forgotten part of Italy with its own natural resources Nature, that is the key to peacful sleep in the Parco Nationale del Gargano reservation Common room with a spacious kitchen M.A.S.H. Gargano - for fans of fine food Fruits and vegetables - all from our BIO garden Just a few meters from the camp lies a beautiful abandoned beach

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linka Petr a Lucie Žáčkovi

MASH Gargano

Petr a Lucie Žáčkovi

tel.: 0039 380 370 3083 (I)

GPS: 41°54'20.3"N 15°30'33.9"E

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Capoiale, Gargano

MASH lies about 15km from Capoiale, which is situated on a peninsula called Gargano, that is about 70km from Viesta, on the border with Varano Lake and the dam, which separates the lake and the Adriatic Sea. Visitors will find themselves in a nature reservation with the possibility of enjoying the long and lonely sandy beach. The advantage of this area is the absence of crowds of tourists, therefore you can fully enjoy your vacation.

Capoiale, Gargano

Gargano, Italien

The Gargano peninsula, which is also known as the spur of the Italian shoe, is famous for its 200 km sandy beaches, blue-sky sea, rocky cliffs full of caves and romantic small beaches. Fishing towns and watchtowers illustrate the local atmosphere together with delicious aroma of traditional Italian food. Vieste a Peschici are the top requested destinations.

Gargano, Italien

MASH Gargano
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